What Do You Want?

Home. Woodbury, Minnesota.

As I mentioned a few posts back, my career path has recently pivoted from IT Program Management to Enterprise Architecture & Design.  I’m heading back towards my roots – back towards being more of a Maker and less of a Manager…and that’s a good thing (turns out Software Engineers don’t enjoy Accounting – whodathunk?). Things had gotten increasingly stressful to the point where I just could not tolerate it any longer; I took the advice of some very good friends and colleagues and punched out before my reputation went to crap.

So here I am with a breather again and a renewed desire to express myself creatively.

Morden and Londo from Babylon 5
Morden asks Londo “What do you want?”

Even though I’m back at the same client I had previously managed people at, I’m enjoying my job a lot more and I’ve got a lot more free time available.  I’m starting to reconsider that question: What do you want?

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