If Funny-Shaped Dice is really about anything, it is about a love of gaming and a deep desire to reconnect with the most amazing hobby and people, outside of my wonderful wife and three amazing kids, with which I have ever been connected in my entire life.

30-year old 20-sided die

30 years later, I still have the blue 20-sider I got with that first set. My box was missing a 10-sider; the comic shop guy gave me this one instead.

My first experience with role-playing games was with Dungeons & Dragons “Basic”. Played “The Keep On The Borderlands” when I was about 9 or 10 years old.  I remember it was amazing!  What a great game! You mean, I can do anything I want?  Whoa.

In 6th grade, I got my own copy, the old red-box edition, and I was hooked.

There is nothing like table-top role-playing with the right group of people.  It is a hobby that will lead you in so many different directions and expose you to people, things and ideas you’ve never experienced before.

Through this hobby, I…

  • …developed a deep and abiding love for reading
  • …learned to write gooder. (Just kidding)
  • …took classes in figure drawing
  • …took classes in photography
  • …learned a lot of European history
  • …found ways to apply lessons from my high-school physics classes ((“Well…how fast, exactly, does my space craft need to go in order to reach escape velocity from the planet’s atmosphere given conditions X, Y, Z?”))
  • …learned tolerance and to appreciate diversity (Gamers are notoriously open-minded)
  • …learned team-work and consensus building
  • …learned leadership
  • …learned to strategize and problem solve
  • …learned to plan and organize
  • …learned to think on my feet
  • …learned improvisational speaking and public speaking
  • …developed an interest in The Stage (and even acted in a few stage productions)
  • …developed an interest in film, script-writing and cinematography
  • …learned attention to detail (have *you* ever tried to paint 25mm Miniatures?!)
25mm painted Bugbear

A 25mm painted BugBear.

I could go on and on.  There were so many positive things that I took away from this hobby, and the experiences that it provided to me, that directly contributed and influenced who I became and the successes I’ve had.  I may not do a lot of these things now but I have fond memories of them.

At some point in the future I hope Funny-Shaped Dice becomes much more about contributing and giving back to a hobby and to a community that had a tremendous influence on the person that I’ve become.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure and come back to visit often.

– Rob