“World-Building Resources” page is up!

The City of Dawn Harbor, a Fantasy Map by Dyson Logos.
The City of Dawn Harbor. A Map by Dyson Logos.

UPDATE October 3, 2017.  With the move to a new theme, I’ve got more options for how I organize the site so the “World-Building Resources” page has been replaced by better categorized “Resources” at the top.  Let me know what you’re looking for; I might have something squirreled away in my Google Drive.

In case you missed the addition of the “World-Building Resources” link at the top of the page, just wanted to let you know it was there. The World-Building Resources page provides a curated list of online resources I find myself recommending to others.  I’ve found these resources to be useful, inspiring or interesting.

We’re starting out small. In general, the rule I’ll follow is that nothing goes on this list until I’ve had some time to check it out myself first.  If that varies, I’ll call it out in the description. I want to feel confident about recommending it to you.

What kind of resources are you looking for?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll keep my eye out.

The Observer Effect

It’s been a while since I managed to get something up but, if you’re reading this, I don’t want you to think that I’m not dedicated to this effort.  I am. After all, I am on a journey to Master CC3+.

Posts in mud
It’s hard work, keeping a blog. It requires dedication and effort…and sometimes it still feels like you’re pushing through mud up to your knees.  Sloooow going.

But…man! It is sloooow going. The journey is taking much longer than I anticipated.  So much so that I don’t even feel like I’ve started.  I’m caught up in the Observer Effect, a strange and should-have-seen-it-coming side-effect of my attempt to be very public with my journey.

Because I tend to go deep rather than to go broad, I’m spending a lot more time researching and digging through online resources for good, relevant content than I originally thought I would. Back when I set myself the goal to post at least three times a week, I could not fully appreciate the amount of effort it was going to take to meet that goal.

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What Do You Want?

Home. Woodbury, Minnesota.

As I mentioned a few posts back, my career path has recently pivoted from IT Program Management to Enterprise Architecture & Design.  I’m heading back towards my roots – back towards being more of a Maker and less of a Manager…and that’s a good thing (turns out Software Engineers don’t enjoy Accounting – whodathunk?). Things had gotten increasingly stressful to the point where I just could not tolerate it any longer; I took the advice of some very good friends and colleagues and punched out before my reputation went to crap.

So here I am with a breather again and a renewed desire to express myself creatively.

Morden and Londo from Babylon 5
Morden asks Londo “What do you want?”

Even though I’m back at the same client I had previously managed people at, I’m enjoying my job a lot more and I’ve got a lot more free time available.  I’m starting to reconsider that question: What do you want?

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