Let It Go! Let It Go!

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Written Early May, 2014. Updated January 2nd, 2015.

I’ve had two domains with DreamHost registered for quite some time. I just checked; DreamHost and I have been together 6 years as of 10 September.

What have I done in the last six years? Nothing of any value to justify the money I’ve spent on hosting (even at $6.95/month). Oh, I’ve had an interest in starting something for a long time but I just haven’t been able to motivate myself enough to actually do it. My penchant for planning bites me in my @$$.

In an early draft of this post, I posited that the reason I’ve paid hosting fees to DreamHost for 6 years but haven’t actually “hosted” anything is because I’m a planner, have to be careful about Analysis Paralysis, I got too wrapped up in the Information Architecture and Visual Design of the site, etc.

While those things are true, what I’ve come to realize while writing this post is that I never got to the point of publishing anything under my previous domain because

  1. I wasn’t passionate about most of the topics I had planned for that domain
  2. I wasn’t passionate about the audience for that domain
  3. The site was an attempt to identify with a group with which I didn’t really want to be identified. Another example of me looking for validation from an audience. Ultimately, I wanted an audience to affirm that my knowledge and insights were valuable and that I deserved a seat at the adult table.

Getting wrapped up in the Visual Design of the site appealed to me because it allowed me to contine to maintain my identity as a “Geek” and a “Creative” even as my career was inexorably moving towards “Suit” (the site’s tagline was: “Geek. Ponytail. Suit. Pick Two.” – guess which two I wanted people to pick.)

So last night, I let it go.

I set “Auto Renew?” on both of the domains my wife and I presently own to “LET EXPIRE” and registered a new domain: funnyshapeddice.com. If I am able to get off my @$$ and do something of value with funnyshapeddice.com within the next 4-8 months, I might consider turning Auto Renew back on for the other domains…

…but I doubt it.

Update: Hah! Didn’t happen. Let those old domains go. This is the only one left.

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